“Somtimes the little things have the biggest impact in our lives”

Choreographing has always interested me. On a young age I always gave my suggestions towards teachers or choreographers. Creating new steps or finding new formations, I always wanted to be part of the creating process. During both of my studies at the Royal Conservatory and Codarts, University of Arts I created many different choreographies. Slowly I started developing my own style, which I am still discovering and exploring right now. I like to use my full background, the strong base of the classical technique and the diversity of contemporary dance. You could call it neo-classical, but I think it still goes more into the direction of modern. Lately I worked together with Lavinia Meijer, famous harpist player, we performed in department store Bijenkorf Rotterdam, to peform during event ‘Time to Bejewelled’ (collaboration with Bernd Damme).

Picture made by Floris Heuer
floris heuer bijenkorf

It would love to continue working on these kind of events more often in the future. I like to adjust on the audience, dancers and locations etc.